Tim Gagnon Studio Membership – Monthly Payment Plan

Tim Gagnon Studio Membership – Monthly Payment Plan

US $25.00 / month



What if there was a platform like NetFlix, but for painting lessons? What if you had access to hundreds of painting lessons all the time, and access to new ones that came out every month just like your favorite TV shows?

Sometimes you feel like painting along with a lesson and watch it, rewind it, and watch it again to pick up a lot of the details that you can use in your painting. Sometimes you might want to just watch a lesson for fun to see how a painting was done, and it gives you inspiration to paint. When you have to purchase each individual lesson it’s harder to watch a lot of lessons leisurely, so you have to really pick and choose what you purchase.

Here is a lesson preview:

Learning new techniques is a process. You watch the technique be done, you practice doing it yourself, and then you improve and develop new techniques. Watching more will not only give you the inspiration to paint, but the tools to grow and expand your techniques. I can show you a ton of techniques myself, but it’d be even better if you were learning form multiple artists. In this membership I am creating just that. A team of artists to teach you even more techniques, endless supply of videos to watch and you get to be part of our private group discussions!

Let’s talk about what comes in the Tim Gagnon Studio Membership.

Instant access to every individual lesson on the website from me. That’s hundreds of lessons you can watch anytime, as many times as you want!

Access to every new lesson that comes out each month.  40 new lessons per year!

Access to our private facebook group page for members only. Here you’ll get short demos, critiques, live videos, discussion on supplies and material. You ask a question, you’ll get an answer.

Access to a variety of other artist tools – an always growing library of color mixing charts, reference photos, drawing lessons, short demonstrations and quick lessons.

Members only newsletter – this newsletter will go out to your email once per month letting you know what’s new in your membership, quick tips, artist opportunities and contests, artist news and stories

Purchase the yearly plan and save CLICK HERE

Here is a drawing lesson preview:

How does the membership work?

When you purchase the membership, every individual lesson on the website will unlock for you. That’s over 150 lessons you can access instantly. You will also get every new individual lesson that comes out each month automatically. You’ll get a minimum of 40 new lessons per year.

You’ll also get instant access to color mixing charts, drawing lessons and more that will aid you in your art adventures.

The membership renews each year at a renewal rate of $25 per month.

Breakdown of what you get:

*At least 40 new lessons per year

*Access to every individual lesson in oil and acrylic on the website (unlimited viewing)

*Access to drawing lessons, color mixing charts, photo reference libraries

*Access to the members only newsletter and facebook group page where you can get critiques and advice from all three artists!





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