Jenna Silander – Take Me There – Misty Road Lesson 1 – Acrylic painting lesson ONLINE

Jenna Silander – Take Me There – Misty Road Lesson 1 – Acrylic painting lesson ONLINE

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Jenna Silander is a master at creating misty road paintings. Now she will show you how it’s done from start to finish.

In this acrylic painting lesson you will learn how to layer paint effectively to create atmosphere and depth. Jenna has a unique approach, and can teach you techniques that you will use not only in these beautiful paintings, but in future paintings as well. Learn how to create effective snow floating through the air. Learn how to create depth as a road takes you around a corner. Learn how to layer your trees to create the sense of depth traveling through the distance.

Roads hold so much meaning. They take us everywhere we go. Sometimes we know where we are going, and sometimes the road takes us to new places we never knew existed. They can be mysterious, and sometimes when we are on a familiar road they can feel like home.

You’ll have so much fun and learn amazing new skills in this lesson from Jenna. Come hop on the road to learn new paintings!

Reference photo will be included online. If you order the DVD version you will receive access to the online version where you can get the references.

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Lesson 1 – 13 X 16 Canvas (11 X 14 is good alternative), Colors: cerulean blue, Prussian blue, oxide black, cadmium orange, burnt umber, titanium white, Payne’s gray

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