How To Paint – Helpful Articles and Blogs

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My latest painting lesson The Old Road Takes You There (pictured above) will be out soon. Pre-Order now and save! Click Here! “Don’t go down that road.” Have you ever…

Out of My Element

“Los Angeles?”  The phone was ringing and the caller ID said Los Angeles. “Who do we know from Los Angeles?” I decided I should answer it.  Usually I don’t answer…

Over What I Once Knew

Over What I Once Knew I’ve packed my bags And left it all So I can find my way to what I’d call A new direction A place of truth…

A year of workshops.

My navigation system in my car was surprisingly accurate. I had been in Toronto before to see the Blue Jays and Yankees play, so I knew it could be easy…

An Artistic Challenge

I want everyone, including myself, to become better artists. What makes a better artist? Is it just skill? Is it imagination? Is it the way you see and interpret things?…

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